Villa Pitti Amerighi started first as a plantation in 1500. Since 1600, a period where the main structure of the Villa dates back to, after restoration it has had few structural changes and transformations, due to the fact that over the centuries it has undergone very few changes in ownership. Even the private chapel dedicated to S. Biagio, still consecrated dates to the first half of the 1600s, belonging to and built by the noble Florentine family Ubaldini. Their coat of arms, remain as a historical reminder, at the sides of the altar of the chapel and carry at its top the insignia of bishop Ubaldino Ubaldini, Archdeacon of Metropolitan Fiorentina, an important figure of the Tuscan diocese. In 1766, the Villa passed to the Pitti, one of the most influential noble families in Florence and then through an inheritance to the Counts Amerighi in the early 1800s. The current owners bought it in 2001 and in 2002 began the long process of recovery and restoration, lasting 9 years. Without changing the structure and without making significant changes, the Villa has been used, in addition to a private residence for tourist accommodations